Welcome to the updated version of luxurious fashion. 'Classic Basics' is a sustainable, slow fashion movement that has engineered skincare into its very yarn. With three international patent pendings, for a wholesome protection from UVA UVB radiation, with UPF 15-50 which translates to a 92 to 98 % protection. With the soaring temperatures and the irreversable sun damage to the skin causing accerelated breakdown of collagen, premature wrinkles, hyperpigmeation, even melanoma. Sun protective clothing is infact reccomended by the skin cancer foundation and dermatologist. At classic basics an initiative by skin project we bring iconoc, versatile, and timeless wardrobe staples. to protect your skin, and amp up your fashion quotient which as it is the first and only clothing line in India that is born out of the ethos of styling a body with glam & care at the same time, through a massive range of pure organic fabrics. The brand embodies an unique collection of highest rated UPF wear that not just shields your skin from the harmful UVA & UVB rays but also nurture it with the warmth & comfort it needs.

We celebrate the feminine and masculine energy with a fashion that's sustainable, alluring, fit & fab and at the same time nature friendly.

We believe, only a remarkable piece with meticulous finish can bring a perfect upshot to the body it wears. So, the earnestness each our designs have, makes sure to provide our customers the same amount of comfort as the richness and ecstasy put into the work by our discerning designers & manufacturers.

"A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes"

Vera Wang


The founder and ideal creator of this beautiful creation is one of the youngest women CEOs in India and pioneer of beauty industry, 'Meghna Ghodawat' who started giving her luxurious dreams a shape of reality by launching her own beauty line ''Skin Project'' and that shape soon turned into a masterpiece when it led her to a massive success; as today, the brand is leading the Indian skincare industry towards a new chapter and continuing to inspire countless woman across the country to battle against various skin issues.

Now, she has launched her latest creation 'Classic Basics' to put a new layer on the world of textiles; as all the outfits by the brand are not only capable to give you a dreamy style statement but also, to protect your skin from the hassle of sunburn and skin allergies cause under the deep sunlight. Her unmatched thoughts & growth of achievement only shows 'The sky is definitely not the limit'.

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