UPF & Benefits of Wearing Its Clothes

UPF is Ultraviolet Protection Factor which rates the compatibility of a fabric to absorb the harmful UV rays and protect your skin from getting damaged in deep sunlight.  Although UPF with rate 30 to 40 is considered to be 'good' as it can block upto 93% of UV radiation, it is more beneficial to wear an outfit that has maximum or highest rated UPF which is UPF50+. It is considered to provide 'excellent' protection, as it holds the capability to block 98% of UV rays and this protection is permanent as it never fades away or die out with time. Isn't it wonderful?

Though there are several options in the market that promise your skin an adequate protection through their quality of clothes, not every cloth is meant to protect you from the sun. Usually, a simple white cotton shirt can hardly provide you the UPF of 7 and UPF protection is not only for sunny days. 80% of UV radiation appears when it's cloudy. So, it is best to wear a certified & high rated UPF cloth if you want to be confident about your skin protection.

Being protected from the sunburn and serious skin allergies, are the most common benefits of wearing UPF fabrics. Apart from that, they are proved to be beneficial for reducing anti-aging, skin cancer, black spots etc.

UPF textiles go through proper tasting and evaluation process before getting approved for certification. Each of our clothes are highest rated UPF50+ certified that reassures you the quality and longevity of our commitment to your well-being through fashion.

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